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Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for projects?

Project turnaround time relies heavily on prompt feedback from the brand owner, you! The timing outlined below is achieved when feedback is provided within 72 business hours:

Fresh Logo (2-3 weeks from project start date)

Brand Guide (2-3 weeks from project start date)

Styled Photoshoot (We typically have availability for your shoot date within 3 weeks of your request. Photos are delivered within 10 business days after the shoot.)

Website (4 weeks from project start date)

Brand My Business Package (6 weeks from project start date)


Do you require a signed agreement or deposit?

Yes, we require both to reserve a project start date.


What is a project start date?

This is the day we will officially start working on your project! We’ll schedule a 30 minute discovery call with ya to get clear on your goals, then you can kick back and relax and we work our magic behind the scenes.


How will I receive my deliverables?

You will receive your deliverables via the email you provide on your signed agreement.


Do you offer payment plans?

Heck yes we do!

We require a deposit of 30% to secure your start date, and after that we are happy to accommodate a payment plan that fits your needs, provided the final balance is paid by the project end date. (Please Note: The full balance must be paid before any deliverables are sent.)


How do we work together?

You can expect open and clear communication when you collab with us!


After you’ve completed your agreement and deposit, we’ll send ya a Discovery Questionnaire based on your booked project. Your answers will help us define your project goals.


We’ll schedule a 30 minute Discovery Call on your project start date to share inspiration and get clear on our creative direction.


Pop the bubbly and relax! The Brand Collab will get to work on your project and will check in with you via your provided email address for your feedback.


Your gorgeous, branded deliverables— complete with customized video tutorials on how to use your goodies— will be sent to ya the day after your project end date.


We won’t leave you hanging! Schedule a complimentary follow up call within 30 days of your project end date if you have any questions or need some extra suggestions.

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